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Cliff Swallows
The Cliff Swallow Project
The definitive Cliff Swallow website

Barn Swallows
The Barn Swallow Project
Based out of the University of Colorado at Boulder
Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario (BECO) 
Barn Swallows and Social Cues Study

The Home Habitat: Barn Swallow: Hirundo rustica: Website of Richard and Diane Van Vleck
COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica in Canada
Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
Bank Swallows
COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Bank Swallow Riparia riparia in Canada
Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

Giant sandcastle built to bring sand martins home to roost in Surrey
The Guardian, March 2021

Silver, M,,  L. Merry, and CR. Brown.2021 Conservation Measures to Increase Breeding Success of Cliff Swallows (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) in Massachusetts. Northeastern Naturalist. 28: 211–219.
Silver, M. and C. R. Griffin. 2009. Nesting Habitat Characteristics of Bank Swallows and Belted Kingfishers on the Connecticut River. Northeastern Naturalist. 16: 519534.
Silver, M. 2012. Attracting Barn Swallows and Cliff Swallows to a New England site: A two-year progress report. Bird Observer 40: 353–359.
Silver, M. 1995Conservation of Cliff Swallows in Massachusetts. Bird Observer 23: 327–332.

Silver, M. 1993. Second-year management of a Cliff Swallow colony in Massachusetts. Bird Observer 21: 150–155.
Birds of Our Meadows, May 15, 2022
Cliff Swallow nests as a conservation tool in New Hampshire
Articles about Cliff Swallows:
Clay Nests and Community; A Creative Plan to Help Cliff Swallows

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